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Brock Heasley

author, artist, occasional sleeper

The title of this post may be a little misleading. But go with it. I’m trying to build a brand here. (Ich. “Brand.” Let’s not use that word again. Ever.)

Fact is, I’ve come to a place in my creative life that necessitates the creation of a site like this. Up until now, my internet presence has mostly centered on my webcomic, The SuperFogeys. (If you click on that link there’s a chance you’ll win a million dollars. There’s also a chance you won’t win a million dollars. I’m not saying which is greater.)┬áBut now, I’m an author. Full blown, true blue. An author these days? He needs a site.

That’s right, I wrote a book. And not one of those boring ones you stick on your shelf to prove to yourself that your nose goes just as high as your friends in the black turtlenecks and berets. It’s one of those really good books–the kind that gets dog-eared and splashed with coffee and jam because you can’t put it down long enough to eat a proper meal. (At least, that’s the hope. Really up to you. Some go with bookmarks instead of dog ears. Who am I to judge?)

The best part? It’s a memoir. All friggin’ true.

As of this writing my book, RAISED BY A DEAD MAN, is very near going out to publishers. It’s represented by my wonderful, creative agent Bonnie Solow of Solow Literary. I’ll be using this blog to talk about writing and pop culture and life’s events and challenges (cuz that’s the bread and butter of a memoir writer), but also to keep everyone up-to-date as much as possible on the process I’m going through to get my book into your local Barnes & Noble. Or your Kindle. Or wherever. Point is, it’s coming. And I want it to be a party when it gets here.

You’ll notice that though this blog is brand spankin’ new, there’s already a good bank of posts for you to peruse. As I said, I’ve been a presence on the web for a while. You’ll find some great stuff in the two dozen handpicked blogs I brought over here, including my big announcement about signing with my literary agent.

Big things ahead! Please feel free to leave comments and spread the word on Facebook, Twitter, etc. I’m looking forward to what’s next, how about you?

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