Stuff Happens. Always.

As @TNickPerkins told me today on Twitter, “DUDE. Stuff happens to you don’t it?” It would seem.

My wife calls me. Middle of the afternoon and I’m at work. “A man in a van just drove into our house and then smashed into our car.” No, no one got hurt. Not even the driver. Thank goodness. At the end of the day, I don’t care about anything else. Just that.

I drive home immediately and there’s tons of police and paramedics and a guy sitting on our lawn with his head held low. His van is still joined at our Scion’s hip. Things are worse than I thought. He also hit our water main. I just missed seeing the gusher turned off by a handy neighbor with a wrench. 100 phone calls and two hours later, our car has been towed away, we have a rental, and I’m eating pizza and drinking bottled water. The pizza was nice.

Even nicer? Earlier in the day, my daughter Elora bought me a present with her allowance. A deck of Star Wars 3D playing cards. She could not have picked a better time to give them to me. Sweetest thing she’s ever done and it inspired my first smile since I first got the bad news.

So that was my Tuesday, how was yours?


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