My Halloween Costume

I don’t often dress up for Halloween anymore. I’m the dad who’s trailing his little kids and making sure they’re staying safe. One year, I went as a full blown stormtrooper. I worked for six weeks with a friend putting the costume together and custom fitting it to my body. It looked amazing and was to the exact specifications of what you see in the Star Wars movies.

The problem? It didn’t allow me to be a dad. Despite how it looks in the movies, it’s really hard to move in those things. And forget sitting down. My wife forbid me to wear it out the kids ever again, but this year she came up with a great way to modify it to allow me mobility and maximum cool (well, as much cool as can be achieved when one is geeking out so hard they have a custom fit stormtrooper costume): a stormtrooper dressed as a man. I took it just a bit further and came up with this, Prohibition-Era Stormtrooper Gangster!


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