23 Years Ago Today…

I can’t let this day go by without acknowledging it. 23 years ago today my father was shot twelve times in an armed robbery and my life and the lives of my family were changed forever. And, in my estimation, for the better.

Here’s a couple of videos showing what happened that day.

That’s what it’s all about. That’s why I wrote my book, Raised By a Dead Man. Because of that, and because there’s so much more story to tell. Thanks for remembering with me.



  1. Sorry for your loss, but touched and inspired by your reaction to such a tragedy.

    On a tangent, did the name of the book change back? I recall strongly disliking the name I thought your agent changed it to *after* this name. I like this one much better.


    1. Shh, Chip. It’s hard to pretend something never happened if people start pointing it out.

      Nah, the truth is that ultimately we decided Raised By a Dead Man is a stronger title for now. Since the other title was only a contender for a moment, I thought it best to change back without commentary.


  2. What a touching video. Really didn’t need to cry today, but I guess you had other plans. šŸ™‚ Having read your book, the video had an even bigger impact on me. What a story, Brock. You definitely needed to tell it.


    1. I admit it. It’s a secret life goal of mine to make the world weep.

      I’m kind of shocked you hadn’t watched the videos before, but I guess I never really told you about them. Wish there was a way to add them in as a “bonus feature” to the book. Who knows, maybe there will be a way by the time publication rolls around…


  3. Thanks for letting us remember with you. Hope you continue to gain strength as more and more people hear your story. I know many others will. I loved the chapters you let us peek at. I can’t wait to read the book to find out your reasoning that lives were changed for the better. I can understand completely that statement, I feel the same way; why do many of us feel bad things make some things better?


    1. Heather, that’s a big part of what the book is about–just exactly how it is the horrible events in our lives benefit us and change us for the better. Thanks for your support!


  4. I’m not sure…
    Horrible events make other events better by comparison? Perhaps. But, then again, perhaps not.
    I’ve had a few horrible events happen, a few wonderful events happen, and most of the rest have been summed up in the comment “meh”.
    Perhaps it’s a failing on my part that the horrible and wonderful cancelled each other out, leaving only the “meh”.
    Don’t know. Not sure I care.


    1. A valid viewpoint. We each have our own set of experiences and our own way of dealing with them. I can only share my own. I’ve seen my fair share of downs, but what I learn and the emotional journeys I have to take to wade through them are, I think, of great benefit. I’m grateful for the bad stuff.


  5. On a lighter note, I saw William Shatner on an episode of Psych a few days ago and felt like I was watching my friend on TV. Not trying to take away from what is said here, but it was an interesting feeling.


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