Day 11 – Lilies Plucked From the Field

On August 28th, my wife lost her job. 24 hours later, I lost mine. This blog is a continuation of the day-by-day chronicling of our emotional journey back to employment. This is bound to be upsetting, hilarious and hopeful.

September 8, 2014

LiliesOnce the kids were safely in school, Erin and I went for another walk around the neighborhood. After a week and a half of unemployment, I’ve found that it’s incredibly easy to sit around the house and exert minimal effort. Most unemployment activities require nothing so much as stagnation. What task can I not conquer or job can I not apply for sitting at a chair behind a keyboard? Granted, my job at the Company had me about as physically active as a lily in the field, but at least then there was some sort of journey to get to the field in the first place. I loved my 15 minute morning drive with my music turned up as loud as I wanted (never the radio, always my iPod), but that wasn’t all it took to get to the office. I also had to walk. And stair climb.

What do I do now to get down to business? I roll out of bed and put on a shirt. Not quite the same “journey.”

The walk served its purpose well. It was a beautiful, overcast day. Cool. Bright green lawns were muted a bit more gray and no sun glared off too-deep puddles left from sprinklers that ran too long. The exercise, minimal as it was, gave me some momentum. (Not so much Erin. This was just barely above standing still for her. She ran nearly 3 miles earlier this morning, as she does every morning.)

* * *

Erin and I both got our first real bites today. A recruiter wanted to speak to me, but I was out running errands with Violet when he called. (I spent money. Money. I splurged and bought myself a little snack of pretzel chips and hummus for $1.62. Might as well have been $162.00 for how guilty I felt.) When I called him back, I got his secretary and she promised he’d get back to me shortly. Meanwhile, she wanted to get some basic info from me. Pretty sure I botched it. I was completely tongue tied. Been a long time since I had to do any kind of interview. The recruiter didn’t call me back. I’ll try contacting him tomorrow.

Erin did much better. She found a listing for an absolutely perfect job up in San Francisco, hosting for online learning videos. Erin’s a natural on camera, with a big personality that she knows how to bring across well. I don’t know how San Francisco exactly shakes out with our lives as they are right now, but I love Rice-a-Roni. I think bridges are cool. Bays are smelly, but beautiful. I think overcast is the very best weather. Erin’s phone interview is tomorrow.

* * *

Filed for unemployment today. What they will actually, potentially give me based on my salary dropped my jaw. Unemployment is not the gold mine I was led to believe.

* * *

Tonight, as a family, we sat together to consider the ways in which we know the Lord works in our lives, and consider how He has done so much already. We have always had the things we need and have been taken care of. When I am able to sit and think about such things, the panic subsides and there’s this humbling peace that takes over. I am aware, constantly and especially now, that we are minded. We have significance. Our current trial, though (hopefully) fleeting, matters.

We are lilies plucked from the field. I hope and suspect we’ll be planted again before too long.



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