Getting the Empty Tomb Right: Pendants for Everyone

I’m still alive! Hoping to have a blog on some other aspects of my life up on here soon (including directing my first short film!), but for now here’s an update on the thing taking up a big chunk of my day lately.

Empty Tomb Designs

IMG_2867 Great photo of the silver pendant with an 18″ chain from happy customer Jenny Powers!

From the very beginning I wanted wearing the Empty Tomb to be an affordable proposition. The symbol is about Christ and his love for us, and that’s something that is accessible to all who seek after it. Anything having to do with Christ or attempting to remind others of him should have that same accessibility, as much as is possible. Were I a very rich man, I would probably manufacture all sorts of Empty Tomb jewelry and bookmarks and window clings and whatnot and just give them away. I think it’s a symbol that deserves spreading. Or, rather, I think the message behind the symbol is worth spreading. Would that I could be so bold in my expenditures.

Bringing things down to my actual means meant manufacturing silver and bronze pendants at a price point that…

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