Doubting Thomas and the Empty Tomb

I’ve been rewatching the TV show LOST lately with my oldest daughter. (She actually kind of loves it.) Last night, we were treated to a one minute lesson on faith. It was actually pretty good! Good job, LOST.

Empty Tomb Designs

Caravaggio_-_The_Incredulity_of_Saint_ThomasI’m always impressed and astonished when elements of the Gospel pop up in pop culture. Sometimes, it can seem as though Hollywood has an overt goal to subvert everything Christ taught. Other times–rare times, admittedly–you get the opposite. You get a bit of spiritual insight you weren’t expecting from the most unlikely source.*

Now that my daughter Elora is old enough, I’ve been having great fun lately rewatching one of my favorite TV shows with her, LOST. Actually, now that we’re near the end of this rewatch, I think I’m ready to call LOST my very favorite show. The depth of the characters and the complexity and scope of the plot hits my entertainment and creative sweet spot. I’m inspired when I watch LOST. I’m enthralled. So is Elora.

So imagine my delight when, while watching the Season 5 episode “316” last night, the show took a one minute break…

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