This blog was formerly known as simply “Brock Heasley.” Then it became “We Are the 6.2%,” as a nod to the current US unemployment rate after my wife and I lost both our jobs within 24 hours of each other.

Now, my wife is getting her Master’s Degree, I’m writing/working on movies with Tremendum Pictures and taking care of the kids, making me part of the 7% of males in the U.S. who are stay-at-home dads.

A photo of Brock taken at just the right angle for maximum attractiveness.

Brock Heasley, the oldest of four brothers, grew up in Fresno, the “road to everywhere/destination of no one” of California. In his youth, he was a member of such prestigious organizations as “The Nerd Herd,” “The Last Picked for Teams” and “They Who Eat Alone.” During High School, he drew cartoons for the school paper and then got delusions of grandeur and began writing articles as well. After graduating from California State University Fresno with a degree in Graphic Design, Brock combined both skills to launch the online comic The SuperFogeys, published by Th3rd World Studios, in order to save the world. Has the world ended yet? No? Then it’s working. In 2010, Brock co-created the online comic Monsterplex, which went on to win DC Comics’ Zuda competition. His writing has appeared on the Independent Journal Review and at ForEveryMom.com. Brock’s debut short film, The Shift, about an ordinary man receiving sympathy and a job offer from the Devil himself, will be making the rounds on the film festival circuit beginning Summer 2017. His second short film, The Two Hundred Fifth, about a young college girl who discovers her best friend is a secret badass with a dark secret, is currently in production.

Brock’s greatest accomplishment remains tricking his gorgeous wife Erin into marrying him in 2000. Together with their three daughters Elora, Campbell and Violet, they live in Fresno and enjoy Pixar movies, dancing in the living room to good music and eating breakfast for dinner.

After completing work on his two unpublished memoirs (Raised by a Dead Man, a coming-of-age story between two shootings and The Impossible Girl, a modern day Romeo and Juliet story between a Mormon and Protestant), he has now completed and turned his attention to Paper Bag Mask, a contemporary YA novel about Redmond Fairweather who, at the same moment he catches his teacher kissing a student, loses his friggin’ mind and steals Mr. Street’s prized possession–a stupid wooden sword with round edges that will never, ever cut through anything–“The Whomper.”



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  3. Our stories share many similarities.

    Thankfully at this moment I am employed. Not happily employed, but employed. The experience has really shaken me to the core at times but I am still here! I know I have opportunities and I am working harder than ever to improve.

    Oddly enough, my experience has also changed me. Now I know how others must live to get by. I look beyond stereotypes and look for reasons that a person is having problems in their life. Are they financially strapped? Suffering from an illness? Do they have a criminal record? There are many reasons far beyond just being a lazy person who does not want to work. For someone who is employed, they do not see the hurdles that are in place to gain employment. It is difficult enough for candidates who are qualified. Imagine having no skills on a computer or not having the correct presentation in a job interview. Forget it!

    I wish you the best of luck and Merry Christmas!


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