THE IMPOSSIBLE GIRL is my new, completed memoir now seeking publication.

Sometimes, the only way to be happy is to get the opposite of what we think we want. Beginning on the last day of my 2-year stint as a full-time missionary–and at the start of the insanity that is transitioning back into dating and the “real world”–THE IMPOSSIBLE GIRL is the unexpected, modern day Romeo and Juliet story between a Mormon and a Protestant.



I gave Erin the time she needed, and not reluctantly. When the newness of the attractive, blonde possibility before me wore off, I became fully and finally cognizant of the head first dive I was about to take into breaking all the most important rules I’d ever set for myself. That wasn’t me. I was the guy who once brought a party to a screeching halt when I refused to stay up past my 11pm bedtime because I couldn’t imagine being so irresponsible with my sleep patterns. (It took a full half hour to convince everyone I was serious.) A room full of people looking at me like I was an uptight crazy person? No problem. Erin’s existence and willingness to do more than study with me? My high perch wobbled.

I spent the days following Erin’s breakup with John completely, utterly frightened. I saw nothing but a slippery slope before me. If I could contemplate dating a person not of my faith, what further compromises was I capable of making? Would I go to Erin’s church with her? Sing her hymns? Read her freaky modern language scriptures? I was determined to do none of that.

I wanted to do all of it.




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